Friday, November 03, 2006

Jason Diemilio of Azusa Plane, R.I.P.

What if you were a musician and you lost your hearing? Jason Diemilio experienced this and made a sad choice. Michael Chaiken remembers him:

There are a few people in my life whose existence alone protects me somehow. Jason Diemilio was one of them. In the last years of his life he had become subsumed by underground, electronic, dance music. He traveled the world--visiting clubs in London, Spain and Ibiza. We spent several delirious nights together at a now defunct afterhours spot in the Tribeca section of New York City called Arc. Totally consumed by this music, Jason had envisioned carrying on the Azusa Plane--but in a totally new direction. He had begun teaching himself how to mix and produce, but his ensuing health problems forced him to stop, which was absolutely devastating for him. Not only was he unable to make music, but was also eventually deprived of his greatest single pleasure--simply listening to music. Jason suffered from a chronic and seemingly incurable pain. He had a seriously debilitating condition known as tinnitus and hypercusis that was brought about by extreme sound exposure; a result of playing in bands most of his life without protection for his ears. The nerve damage was severe and irreversible. Recently it had become even more acute. He held out for as long as he could and lived as he died. With grace and indefatigable courage. Jason was open to the simplest beauties of the world and never could stop being enraged at what fouled it. I loved him to the very core of my being. He will be missed. By many.

R.I.P. (listen to today's Drug Music set of his work)


une_ange_dechu said...
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une_ange_dechu said...

Jason was my cousin and godfather. I'm touched by what you wrote. It's so nice to know he impacted so many peoples' lives. Thank you.

Meghan Colosimo

Chaddie said...

Jason and I were fraternity brothers at West Chester Univ in Pa. I had the privilage of doing a bike trip across American for charity with Jason thru our fraternities national philanthropy Push America. We had some great times that summer.....riding to Kirkwood, Wrigley Field, the Blade Newspaper and riding into DC at the Capital Building to end the trip. These are life long memories that will not be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Armonia Aphanes Phaneros Kreisson rules. that is all.