Friday, December 09, 2011

Best Of 2011

The best of this year for me came on one day- July 30th - when we played a DREAMWEAPON outside in the Marion Street Garden.

Carmen and Niell (Banished? productions) set up a projector and showed Akira Kurosawa's "Dreams" on the wall of a rowhouse. The film has eight different dreams, so we performed a different soundtrack for each one.

We used a low-frequency FM transmitter to broadcast the show to portable transistor radios we hung around the garden. We also asked people to bring radios. The effect was dozens of little speakers facing different directions playing our music out of nooks and corners of the garden. It was lo-fi "surround sound" heaven!

We taped the broadcast on a boombox, old school style. Unfortunately the tape ran out before our performance ended but that's how it goes with old school style. The mp3 of the tape can be downloaded from here.

Before things got started I shot some footage of our set up and the kids who were in the garden that evening, along with Lola Bloom of City Blossoms.

A month later we opened for our friends The Plums. Here is a recording of one song from that show. Obetrol - Bella Cafe - August 23 2011 by boredrecordings